During the "Forum Entreprises", most companies will give lectures to better present their companies. The AiLg will also give 2 lectures of about 20-25 minutes to prepare you for your life as a young worker.

Access to the two videoconference links for the conferences is via the following buttons:

Here is the schedule for these for both days.


Thursday 12 March 2021

Schedule Room of Conference 1 Schedule Room of Conference 2
11h-11h10 Bureau d'études Greisch 11h-11h10 Arhs
11h15-11h25 BPC Wallonie 11h15-11h25 Odoo
11h30-11h40 Wust 11h30-11h40 NRB
11h45-11h55 TMC Science and Technology 11h45-11h55 I-Pulses
12h-12h10 IBA SA 12h-12h10 EVS Broadcast Equipment
12h15-12h25 Procter & Gambles Services Company NV 12h15-12h25 Eura Nova

AiLg - "La rémunération: brut mensuel, annuel, avantages, package rémunération"

13h30-13h40 Deltatec 13h30-13h40 CLE
13h45-13h55 Alstom Belgium 13h45-13h55 Prayon
    14h-14h10 AMOS
14h15-14h25 IT Link 14h15-14h25

SPF Economie, P.M.E., Classes moyennes et Energie

14h30-14h40 Euresys 14h30-14h40 Centran
14h45-14h55 N-Side 14h45-14h55 Hermès

Friday 12 March 2021

Schedule Room of Conference 1 Schedule Room of Conference 2
11h-11h10 Galère sa 11h-11h10 AG Insurance
11h15-11h25 Bureau d'Etudes Lemaire sa    
11h30-11h40 Agap2 11h30-11h40 B12 Consulting
11h45-11h55 Syngenia 11h45-11h55 Deloitte Luxembourg
    12h-12h10 Aerosint
    12h15-12h25 GDTech

AiLg - "La pension complémentaire ou « assurance groupe » : les différents types, assurance décès , hospitalisation, …"

13h30-13h40 ArcelorMittal Belgium 13h30-13h40 TESSARES sa
13h45-13h55 Manakeen (+PM Optima) 13h45-13h55 Acsone
14h-14h10 Integria    
    14h15-14h25 Deuse
14h30-14h40 V2i 14h30-14h40 Myrmidons
14h45-14h55 Samtech SA