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Conseil pour un jeune diplômé

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Conférence le jeudi 11 mars à 12h15

Présentation de l’entreprise

Do you shave with Gillette or Venus? Wash your hair with Pantene or Head& shoulders? Or clean your teeth with Oral B? You probably use P&G products without even knowing it. But you can do more than use our products: you could be creating, manufacturing, promoting or selling them. P&G has 95,000 employees worldwide, representing over 145 nationalities with about a quarter working across 17 Western European countries. So we can offer a huge array of careers in a flexible and inspiring environment. At P&G, we are proud that we develop talents almost exclusively from within. This means we are not just offering you your first job out of university, we are hiring you with the expectation you will grow into one of our future leaders. Maybe even our next CEO. P&G is a leadership engine. In fact, several P&G Alumni became CEO of other companies and many of our executives Globally, come from Western European countries. Our Build From Within approach means that you will start in the entry level position of the function you have applied for and face new and diverse challenges every day. From day one you will be given real responsibility that will increase over time into independent leadership of your area of activities; but along this path you will receive the support and guidance you need to succeed. Over time, after you have built distinctive competency in several areas, together we will match your aspirations and talents with our business opportunities to find your perfect next assignment. Our flexible approach and people-first culture ensures that we can develop your strengths and maybe discover some hidden talents along the way! Your contribution, skill development, and passion will determine where you go and what you do. At P&G, when we say that People are our foundations, we really mean it: the special character and unique qualities of each person are crucial ingredients of our success.

Secteur d’activité

Fast Moving Consumer Good


  • Ingénieur civil en aérospatiale
  • Ingénieur civil en informatique
  • Ingénieur civil électricien
  • Ingénieur civil physicien
  • Ingénieur civil biomédical
  • Ingénieur civil en chimie et sciences des matériaux
  • Ingénieur civil électromécanicien
  • Ingénieur civil mécanicien
  • Ingénieur civil en sciences des données
  • Sciences informatiques
  • Bioingénieur
  • Sciences chimiques
  • Ingénieur de gestion