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Présentation de l’entreprise

Euresys is a leading and innovative high-tech company, designer and provider of image and video acquisition components, frame grabbers, FPGA IP cores and image processing software. Euresys is active in the computer vision, machine vision, factory automation, medical imaging and video surveillance markets. The company’s image acquisition expertise covers analog and digital video acquisition, FPGA programming, high-frequency electronics, video compression and streaming, and also camera control. Recently strengthened by the acquisition of the company Sensor to Image, its 30 years of imaging know-how includes GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, CoaXPress, Camera Link and GenICam. In terms of image analysis, Euresys’ skills apply to blob detection, sub-pixel measurement, pattern matching, color analysis, optical character recognition, barcode reading and verification, 3D inspection and classification using deep learning.

Secteur d’activité

Computer Vision, Machine Vision, Factory Automation, Medical Imaging and Video Surveillance.

Points forts de l'entreprise

Joining Euresys means working in a young and dynamic team, gaining experience with a leading and innovative company in a high-tech and internationally-focused environment. Our employees find Euresys’ open and vibrant culture a powerful stimulus for their professional skills. Our products combine high performance software with hardware developments based on the latest microelectronics technology.

Evolution dans l’entreprise

Possible evolution in : people management, team leading, sales and support, etc.

Profils recherchés

FPGA Gigabit Design Engineer IO Software Engineer C++ Software Developer Vision Software Engineer GUI Software Developer


  • Ingénieur civil en aérospatiale
  • Ingénieur civil en informatique
  • Ingénieur civil électricien
  • Ingénieur civil physicien
  • Ingénieur civil électromécanicien
  • Ingénieur civil en sciences des données
  • Sciences informatiques
  • Sciences physiques
  • Sciences mathématiques
  • Ingénieur de gestion