Conseil pour un jeune diplômé

You probably have tons of questions, expectations and possibilities. Come and challenge us, it's the best way to get to know each others. We hope our answers will tell you as much about Eura Nova as your questions will tell us about you.

Chiffres d'affaires

10 M



Nombre de jeunes diplômés recrutés l’année passée

Présentation de l’entreprise

"It's time to choose your first employer, at least for your first full-time job. Congrats! I founded Eura Nova with Hervé, because I was at your place some years ago: I had to choose a career path but none of them was straight enough to make me feel safe, and wide enough to let me feel on charge. At Eura Nova, we count on our people to shape the way we work, and create more value out of data. United by the same values and aiming at the same target, all our employees can reach their goal their own way. What would be yours?" Eric Delacroix, CEO As a consulting firm in data processing, a private R&D center and a product incubator, our mission is to use IT to have a positive impact on the world and the people. Our core businesses are artificial intelligence, data architecture, and software engineering. Our name is inspired by Christopher Colombus’ epic. With his mastery of tools and new navigation techniques, his project was to open a new route to India ... but it is America - the terra nova - that he finally discovered. Did he miss or succeed in his adventure? History has remembered that he completed his project to the end and his audacity, determination, and knowledge led him to discover a new continent. EURA NOVA proudly carries in its name the lessons of history and helps its partners every day to explore their data to discover new routes. We work for large European companies, Belgian SMEs and some start-ups. Giving companies a competitive advantage against the giants of globalization is our priority. Our R&D center already published more than 30 scientific articles in international conferences. In December 2019, we are organizing for the 4th time the stream analytics workshop at the IEEE big data conference. In September 2019, we were nominated by EY as a finalist of the Scale-up of the Year.

Secteur d’activité

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Points forts de l'entreprise

We are Xplorers We care, we share Science please! Data as a Service With big data come big responsibilities Natural born coders Code is empathy

Evolution dans l’entreprise

Years of experience and soft / hard skills improvement are the triggers for our employee’s career evolution. We have defined a 5-level evolution career plan that our experts can customise to match their own ambitions. and to impact and support our company. To make progress inside Eura Nova, you work along with the whole flat organisation. You choose yourself a coach to speed up your learning curve and reach your goals.

Profils recherchés

Excellence, continuous learning and benevolence are our key values. Eura Nova recruits from all over the world people who share its values, vision, and who contribute to its expertise. Though we consider that attitudes take precedence over technical prowess, we engage many engineers in computer science and applied sciences, PhDs and other profiles who are curious, open, passionate, perfectionist, solution-oriented. We like to recruit people who will feel happy among us, who will be passionate about their job, and who can also teach us from their own experience.


  • Ingénieur civil en informatique
  • Ingénieur civil en sciences des données
  • Sciences informatiques
  • Sciences mathématiques