Place du Champ de Mars 5 1050 Ixelles

Conseil pour un jeune diplômé

Do not be afraid of taking up complex and unknow challenges; it will enable you to develop new skills and discover different kind of activity sectors.

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Nombre de jeunes diplômés recrutés l’année passée

Conférence le vendredi 12 mars à 11h30

Présentation de l’entreprise

Agap2 is a European consultancy company specialized in engineering created in 2005. We are active in industrial activity sectors such as energy, construction of large infrastructure works, life sciences (pharmaceuticals/chemistry), transports and defence. We represent approximately 4,800 people serving clients in 11 European countries. Besides, agap2 has clients and projects all over Belgium and the world. The recruitment of the best collaborators associated with perspectives of development and evolution inside agap2 is the key of our company in continuous expansion.

Secteur d’activité

Consultancy in engineering

Points forts de l'entreprise

Agap2 offers the perfect way of working for young generations: the stability of a grown and international company with the diversity of projects in each industrial sector. Career progress, trainings and everyday challenges are our key strengths.

Evolution dans l’entreprise

Agap2 provides the opportunity of evolution, both vertical and horizontal. Be able to progress in positions which combine engineering and management through many different kind of activity sectors within the world of industry.

Profils recherchés

We are seeking highly motivated individuals with strong interest in, and particular affinity with, the industry. They have a master's degree in Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Bio-engineer or Business Engineering. They are willing to take part in high engineering projects. Solid verbal and written communication skills in English, Dutch and French are a significant advantage.


  • Ingénieur civil des mines et géologues
  • Ingénieur civil des constructions
  • Ingénieur civil en aérospatiale
  • Ingénieur civil électricien
  • Ingénieur civil biomédical
  • Ingénieur civil en chimie et sciences des matériaux
  • Ingénieur civil électromécanicien
  • Ingénieur civil mécanicien
  • Ingénieur civil architecte
  • Bioingénieur
  • Sciences biologiques
  • Sciences chimiques
  • Sciences géologiques
  • Sciences spatiales
  • Ingénieur de gestion