Conseil pour un jeune diplômé

Always give it a shot. Try until you succeed.

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Nombre de jeunes diplômés recrutés l’année passée

Conférence vendredi 12 mars à 13h45

Présentation de l’entreprise

Acsone is a human-sized SME. Quality, openness and sustainability are at the core of our values and design principles. Sustainability in the service, in the product, in the relations with our customers. Customers whose projects become the projects of our employees. We are 50 software engineers and business analysts with more than 30 years of experience, combining the freshness of youth and the maturity of mentors. Mentors who opened the door to an international community of experts based on Open Source on which our entire line of services is based. We craft durable and reliable solutions for our clients : E-commerce, Odoo, Open Business Solutions, Document & Content Management, Digital Business reporting. Our team works directly from our own offices in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Secteur d’activité

Information Technology & Services

Points forts de l'entreprise

We are a Human-Sized SME. Our team works in our own offices in Liège, Luxembourg or Waterloo. We are quality and openness (Open Source / Standard / Architecture) minded.

Evolution dans l’entreprise

Your career is unique, we support you in the development you wish to give it.

Profils recherchés

To be a great place to work, we need great people to work with us. Everything we do, every day, in more ways than one, helps to make a unique contribution to our client’s projects. Key to our strategy has always been to attract and retain people who share our passion about the kind of Company we are trying to build, based on our core purpose and values: integrity and honesty, quality and continuing spirit of inquiry. Because we believe in our core values, we continue to identify talented people who share these principles. For us, our people are especially important. You want to be part of the team as Software Engineer or Business Analyst? Come and meet us!


  • Ingénieur civil en informatique
  • Ingénieur civil électricien
  • Ingénieur civil physicien
  • Sciences informatiques
  • Ingénieur de gestion
  • Sciences économiques et de gestion