Welcome on ‘Forum Entreprises’ platform.

This platform is managed by the relation exterior team of AEES.

The aim of this team is to boost the contact between the student of Applied Sciences faculty and the world of employment. In other words, we try to get you ready at your future job and we give you the opportunity to meet companies who are looking for engineers.

To do that we organize conferences. Some of them about employment with differents subjects like the preparation of CV or talk in public. And some other conferences are more technical.

In addition to this we organize our jobdays. During those one you can meet and talk with the representant of many companies.


You are probably asking you what is the point of this platform for you. The first one is the privilege contact that you can have with the companies. Thanks to your inscription and the post of your CV on the platform, the companies can contact you by mail to warn you of new job offers or event.

The inscriptions on the platform give you many advantages during the jobdays.

If you have questions about jobdays or conferences, you can contact us thanks to the contact page.