Presentation of « Forum Entreprises »  (Jobdays) 2022 and associated platform


We wish you a warm welcome on the platform ‘Jobingé’, related to the Jobfair of the Faculty Applied Sciences, the “Forum Entreprises”.


1. What is the platform ‘Jobingé’ ?

This platform allows a privileged contact to companies with students of the faculty of Applied Sciences (Master in Civil Engineering and the various associated master programs, and Master in Computer Sciences of the University of Liège). We invite you to learn more about the different fields of engineering taught in our University in the tab ‘The Masters’.
The platform also allows you to get in touch with students in Industrial Engineering (Gramme and ISIL), Sciences and Mathematics (ULiège), and Management Engineering (HEC). This website is managed by the AEES (‘ Association des Étudiants des Écoles Spécial’), one of the main student organization of the faculty.


2. What is the interest of ‘Jobingé’ for your activity ?

Our platform allows you to get in contact with and meet future graduated students of the various institutions above-mentioned. Simultaneously, it allows registered students to have an exclusive overview of your company. They are also invited to drop their CV online so that you can consult them. This is an original, unique and efficient manner to be noticed and well-known by students looking for a job. 


3. What is ‘Forum Entreprises’ consisting of ?

The Forum Entreprises is an exclusive way to allow dialogue and interactions between students and their potential future employers. Indeed, this is a large-scale exhibition of more than sixty companies at the very heart of the campus of the University of Liège. For two days, stands are available for the companies wishing to meet the future graduated students. Moreover, you have the opportunity to give a short public presentation to present your activities and the main features your are looking for.