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L'entreprise sera présente sur le Forum Entreprises le 15 mars 2017

Personne responsable du recrutement:

Alicia Camus

Site web:

Adresse du service de recrutement:

2b rue Nicolas Bové L-1253 Luxembourg

Secteur(s) d'activité:

Consultance informatique

Présentation de l'entreprise:

Arηs is a fully independent group of companies active in Luxembourg, Belgium and Greece specialized in managing complex IT projects and systems.
Our assets and expertise cover several domains including mobile applications, digital signature, trans-European systems, semantic search layers, web portals and operation of IT systems.
We believe in a local service, close to our customers, avoiding any offshore outsourcing. Through our Software Factories in Luxembourg and Brussels we promote a dynamic and local environment where young and experienced people can realize themselves.
Arηs had a successful track record since its incorporation in 2003, and has, since then, built up a large number of satisfied clients that includes many top companies and some of the largest local government agencies.
The Arηs Group is composed of 8 entities: Arηs Developments, Arηs Developments Belgium, Arηs Consulting, Arηs Cube, Arηs Digital, Arηs Spikeseed, Arηs Technology and Arηs Developments Hellas.

Orientations recherchées:

Ingénieur Civil Architecte
Ingénieur Civil Chimiste
Master en Chimie
Ingénieur Civil Construction
Ingénieur Civil en Aérospatiale
Ingénieur Civil Electromécanicien - Energéticien
Ingénieur Civil Mécanicien
Ingénieur Civil Biomédical
Ingénieur Civil Electricien
Ingénieur Civil Informaticien
Master et Graduat en Informatique
Ingénieur Civil Géologue
Master en Géologie
Ingénieur Civil Physicien
Master en Sciences Physiques
Ingénieur Industriel
Master Complémentaire en Entreprenariat
Ingénieur de gestion
Master en sciences mathématiques
Master en Sc. géographiques
Master en biologie

Profils recherchés:

- Programmers
- Analysts
- BI Developers


Career path and opportunities in the Arηs Group can take a great variety of forms and routes.
The management of the Arηs Group expects and encourages employees to develop multiple competences.
Nevertheless, experience gained by employees during their career allows for the fulfilment of opportunities with increased level of responsibilities.

Points forts:

Lifelong learning
- A lot of the people that we hire are young
graduates who are looking for a continuous stream of development opportunities. So we provide a structured development programme for our emerging high potentials − including training courses, attendance at conferences, and opportunities to acquire certifications.

- based on your skill set and career goals, a mentor is assigned to you when you join Arηs − to orient you to the company and to help you find the best path towards reaching your goals and objectives.

Nombre d'employés:


Chiffre d'affaire:

67 millions d'euros

Nombre d’universitaires engagés chaque année:


Implantation(s) de l'entreprise:

Belgium, Luxembourg and Greece

Conseil(s) pour un jeune diplomé:

Come as you are, be prepared, stay authentic and true to yourself.

Les dates

Les 15 et 16 mars 2017


  • Formation Emploi 2.0 - 6 mars

    Ce lundi 6 mars aura lieu la deuxième formation emploi organisée par la Team Relations Extérieures ! 2 workshops inédits sur le thème de l'entretien d'embauche. Viens apprendre des trucs et astuces pour un bon entretien, ainsi que, dans un second workshop, ce que ton corps peut parfois transmettre à ton insu (langage corporel)! 

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