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L'entreprise sera présente sur le Forum Entreprises les 15 mars 2017 et 16 mars 2017

Personne responsable du recrutement:

Marco Box

Site web:

Adresse du service de recrutement:

Gaston Geenslaan 11
3001 Heverlee

Secteur(s) d'activité:

Intellectual property

Présentation de l'entreprise:

V.O. Patents & Trademarks is one of the larger service providers in Europe on Intellectual Property. More than 60 attorneys support clients to maximize the value of their intellectual property. We have wide expertise and many years of experience in Chemistry, Electronics, Life Sciences, Mechanics and Physics. Our clients range from tech starters to multinationals and universities. With ten offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, we operate in a global network of professionals.

Orientations recherchées:

Ingénieur Civil Chimiste
Master en Chimie
Ingénieur Civil Construction
Ingénieur Civil en Aérospatiale
Ingénieur Civil Electromécanicien - Energéticien
Ingénieur Civil Mécanicien
Ingénieur Civil Biomédical
Ingénieur Civil Electricien
Ingénieur Civil Informaticien
Ingénieur Civil Géologue
Master en Géologie
Ingénieur Civil Physicien
Master en Sciences Physiques
Master en sciences mathématiques
Master en Sc. géographiques
Master en biologie

Profils recherchés:

As a patent attorney you discuss the latest developments in science and technology with researchers and designers. An important part of an intellectual property strategy concerns the drafting of patent applications, involving laying down the invention in a carefully worded patent application, which you guide through the application procedure. Science and technology, law, language and business: several disciplines featuring in one profession.
Applicants for the position of trainee patent attorney should have an academic degree in engineering and/or science and a broad interest in legal and linguistic aspects. In addition to a thorough command of English, you preferably have at least a passive command of Dutch, French and German.


After an intensive training of at least three years, you become a European Patent Attorney, which is an internationally recognized and protected title. You advice clients and assist them in making value with their intellectual property.

Points forts:

Rigorous training programs, both in-house and externally, ensure that our patent attorneys are qualified to the highest standards. This is illustrated by the excellent results of candidates of V.O. at the European patent attorney qualifying exam. Our patent attorneys are trained to become all-round advisors for our clients.
V.O. offers excellent primary and secondary terms of employment, including a good pension scheme and supplementary employee benefits.

Nombre d'employés:

about 60 professionals: patent attorneys, trademark attorneys and attorneys-at-law

Nombre d’universitaires engagés chaque année:


Implantation(s) de l'entreprise:

Belgium: Leuven
Germany: München, Regensburg
The Netherlands: The Hague, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, 's Hertogenbosch, Arnhem, Groningen, Amersfoort

Conseil(s) pour un jeune diplomé:

Broaden your horizon, be pro-active, and inspire others with your own experience!

Les dates

Les 15 et 16 mars 2017


  • Formation Emploi 2.0 - 6 mars

    Ce lundi 6 mars aura lieu la deuxième formation emploi organisée par la Team Relations Extérieures ! 2 workshops inédits sur le thème de l'entretien d'embauche. Viens apprendre des trucs et astuces pour un bon entretien, ainsi que, dans un second workshop, ce que ton corps peut parfois transmettre à ton insu (langage corporel)! 

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