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TMC Science & Technology NV

L'entreprise sera présente sur le Forum Entreprises le 15 mars 2017

Personne responsable du recrutement:

Lucie Orognen

Site web:

Secteur(s) d'activité:

Hi-Tech consulting Company

Présentation de l'entreprise:


TMC is a unique collection of self-starting, highly skilled and almost self-employed technical professionals. Our unparalleled business model offers engineers from all backgrounds the comforts of employment and the opportunities of entrepreneurship. This is what we call Employeneurship.

Employeneurship is about thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, with the security of employment. But more than anything, it is a guarantee for continuous development and the opportunity to really be responsible for the direction of your career.

With offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy we are every inch a pan-European organization. But our reach and outlook is even bigger than that, as our projects and customers are anywhere. From Madagascar mining sites to Chinese high tech manufacturers; our Employeneurs feel right at home.

Orientations recherchées:

Ingénieur Civil Chimiste
Master en Chimie
Ingénieur Civil en Aérospatiale
Ingénieur Civil Electromécanicien - Energéticien
Ingénieur Civil Mécanicien
Ingénieur Civil Biomédical
Ingénieur Civil Electricien
Ingénieur Civil Informaticien
Master et Graduat en Informatique
Ingénieur Civil Physicien
Master en Sciences Physiques
Master Complémentaire en Entreprenariat
Master en sciences mathématiques

Profils recherchés:

At TMC we welcome all ambitious, entrepreneurial experts!

Specifically those with a passion for all aspects of technology and a fascination for breakthroughs. We bring these exceptional people together, hire and assess them and optimize the conditions for their further development. How do we do that? By involving them in challenging projects for our customers and through our dedicated training and coaching program.


This is the beginning of a profitable success story and a chance to work for TMC, the real New Kid On The Block for R&D consulting. You will work in unique environment and have access to great tools for the development of your career.

Points forts:

TMC is truly unique thanks to our business model called the Employeneurship model which comes as a true innovation for the High Technology consulting business. It's the business relationship of the 21th century for high skilled Engineers & Scientists, and our model is built around 5 main pillars:
• Permanent employment contract, offering you stability and security
• Individual profit sharing: know your market value and share in the profit your work generates
• One-on-one coaching and trainings designed to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills
• The competence cells structure, providing a strong relevant network
• The entrepreneurial lab: a playground for new ideas and a launching for start-ups

Nombre d'employés:


Nombre d’universitaires engagés chaque année:


Implantation(s) de l'entreprise:

Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy

Conseil(s) pour un jeune diplomé:

Are you a highly educated, young professional
with an entrepreneurial spirit and do you want to
be captain of your own career? Come and join us at our stand!

Les dates

Les 15 et 16 mars 2017


  • Formation Emploi 2.0 - 6 mars

    Ce lundi 6 mars aura lieu la deuxième formation emploi organisée par la Team Relations Extérieures ! 2 workshops inédits sur le thème de l'entretien d'embauche. Viens apprendre des trucs et astuces pour un bon entretien, ainsi que, dans un second workshop, ce que ton corps peut parfois transmettre à ton insu (langage corporel)! 

    On vous attend nombreux ! Attention, inscription nécessaire (voir event Facebook)

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