Presentation and interest of the Forum Entreprises 2017 and the associated platform

Welcome to the Jobinge-Forum Entreprises platform ! This website is linked to our yearly Job Fair event in Applied Science Faculty. 

1. What is the platform Jobingé ?

Jobingé is the perfect platform where companies can establish privileged contacts with students at the end of their studies, especially with students in Applied Science Faculty (Master in Civil Engineering with different finalities and master in computer science at ULg). We please you to read about different sections in the tab Les Masters. The platform also enables to list students in Industrial Engineering (Gramme, ISIL), in Management Engineering (HEC), Science and Mathematics. This platform is managed by AEES ( Association of Student from Special Shcool), one of the main student circle in Applied Science Faculty. 

2. What is the benefit of JobIngé for my company ?

The goal an the benefit of the platform is to allow companies to get in touch and meet future graduates from different institutions listed  above. We offer different services, which are organised to meet your needs and requirements. The platform offers bilateral advantages as it promotes job search but also vacancies in your company. It also offers a great visibility of your society for students who are regularly asked to register on the platform, upload their CV, and urge to consult the website. As you have understood, it's a very efficient way to stand out from other companies when students get smoothly in the employment market. These students are applicant and receptive as they are regurlarly looking for traineeship and master in various companies. 

3. What is the Job Fair ? 

Job Fair is the most advantageous opportunity to establish contacts between students and their futur employer as the Job Fair is organized directly in the Univiersity campus. During two days, companies can take a stand and meet futur graduates who are looking for a traineeship or a job. Moreover, companies are allowed to give a lecture in order to present their activies with more details and specify profiles they are looking for. You can find all pratical details about the Job Fair 2017 on this page

4. What ARE the opportunities of the online platform ?

The platform is an easy, quick and efficient way to contact students. It allows to put different job or traineeship offers online (available without any subscription, more information on Job Offers), to get the opportunity to send custom mail section by section and it gives a priviliged access to CV database, regularly refreshed by students. The platform is also the place to be if you want to enroll to our event (More info on Register). 

5. How to get involved ? 

We please you to read about all detailed offers to take part in our Job Fair event in the tab Formules. The tab Register allows to subsbribe online thanks to an automatic form. We will process your request as soon as possible and contact you. 

We will be very glad to answer all your questions at the e-mail adresse

We hope to hear from you soon. The Jobingé team wishes you a nice tour on our website. 


From 15 to 16 March 2017


  • Formation Emploi 2.0 - 6 mars

    On Monday 6th March will occur the second "Formation Emploi" organised by the Team of External Relationship ! 
    2 innovative workshops about job interviews! Come and learn some tricks for a good job interview, as well as, in a second workshop, things that your body may transmit without you knowing it (body language)!

    ! Registration required (see Facebook event) !  

  • Release of the new platform Jobingé

    This year, the platform has been improved in order to offer you more advantages.